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Driving Digital Transformation

“Everything’s fine today, that is our illusion.” – Voltaire What if you could start with a blank canvas when it comes to crafting technology solutions for the business problems you face? Van Gogh says that a blank canvas stares back...
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What Makes a Mature BI Organization

Lots of clients ask me to assess their current situation and recommend steps to help them become a more mature business intelligence provider for their internal consumers. One of the first steps is to help identify what makes an organization mature....
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Enterprise Networks and Competitive Advantage

The role of the IT leader is changing daily. We have to be comfortable with a new kind of role with different challenges and objectives. Picture in your mind a set of steps. At the bottom step is Service Delivery....
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10 Things I Learned Working with the New BI Semantic Model (TABULAR)

Use DIVIDE in measure calculations instead of a/b if there is any chance the denominator can be null or zero.  DIVIDE will automatically clean up divide by zero and other issues that normally throw errors out in Excel. Names must...
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SharePoint 2013 Power View Error: rsCannotRetrieveModel

I was setting up SharePoint 2013 with SQL Server 2012 SP1.  I ran into an error that started with “rsCannotRetrieveModel” whenever I would try to create a Power View report from a PowerPivot workbook.  With all the reporting services and...
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SSRS Creating a “Not Like” Filter Using Regular Expressions

If you want to filter a tablix in SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2 to exclude rows that match a certain value, you find that there is no option available to make that work. There is a “Like” option, but...
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SharePoint 2010 SSRS 2008 & R2 ReportViewer Web Part Issues

From time to time, you may encounter problems with the SQL 2008/2008 R2 ReportViewer web part when you try to use it within a page in SharePoint 2010. You may get errors, blank pages or just an overall lack of...
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SSIS: Use Dates in Dynamic SQL Statements

I have seen lots of posts on how to build a date string for expressions that set the SQL Statement that will be executed in Data Pumps for example. You might need to do that if you are working with...
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BizTalk 2010 Exception: An error occurred when decrypting an AS2 message

After setting up a new BizTalk 2010 server at a client site, we immediately began getting these errors when trying to decrypt and validate messages coming from our trading partners. The fix for us was to not only make sure...
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