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ASP.NET 5 RC1 Tips and Workarounds

I have recently been working on a prototype web-based admin tool using ASP.NET 5 RC1, and I want to impart some tips along with some issues I ran into and their workarounds. I do realize that the official name has...
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Sitecore Quick Tips: How to Disable Chunked File Downloads

I recently had an issue with PDF files not downloading in IE9 when using the “open in browser” option.  I eventually linked this to the fact that Sitecore allows media files to be downloaded in chunks.  Acrobat was doing this,...
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ASP.NET Javascript and Stylesheet Management

I’m looking for feedback on different ways to manage javascript and stylesheet code within Visual Studio. Many times there is shared code as well as page-specific code where you need to override a certain style, or you have a javascript...
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Sitecore Quick Tips – Find Ancestor

Have you ever needed to access a property or method on a Sublayout that is a direct or indirect parent of the current control? Here is a simple generic method that walks up the control tree and looks for a...
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Sitecore Quick Tips – Device Fallback

I needed a print version of a page that was different enough to make using CSS print styles impractical, so I decided to use the Print device in Sitecore. I setup the Print device to detect the query string “p=1”,...
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Preventing Cross-Site Links in Sitecore

I have multiple sites setup in one Sitecore instance; and host names are used in the web.config “sites” section to manage this: <site name=”site1″ hostName=”” rootPath=”/sitecore/content/site1″ … > <site name=”site2″ hostName=”” rootPath=”/sitecore/content/site2″ … > I recently discovered some strange URLs...
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Overloading vs. Optional Parameters

I recently needed to add a new parameter to an existing method, and I didn’t want to update or break any existing code.  Normally, I just make an overloaded method, but this time I decided to use a relatively new...
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Missing EXE Extension for IE Downloads

I was recently working with one of our client’s websites to switch their downloads to an external Content Delivery Network (CDN). After making the transition, we started seeing a strange behavior in IE when downloading an EXE file… the extension...
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Adding to a SharePoint 2010 List with Lookups

I had a situation recently where I was building a form in SharePoint 2010. I used a main list for the form and several other lists as lookup values for some of the fields. I used a .NET User Control...
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ASP.NET Dynamic HTML with HTML Controls

There are many times that you need to process a data list and generate HTML to output to an ASP.NET page. Most of the time, a Repeater is the best choice for this, but sometimes using a Repeater is not...
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