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The Internet of Things – What you need to know NOW

The Internet of Things.  It sounds mysterious… but cool.  What is it exactly?  Something far off in the future?  Robots taking over the planet?  Will it impact the IT Industry and how?  How do I take advantage of this amazing...
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Driving Digital Transformation

“Everything’s fine today, that is our illusion.” – Voltaire What if you could start with a blank canvas when it comes to crafting technology solutions for the business problems you face? Van Gogh says that a blank canvas stares back...
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Get-SPOSite : The site is not properly formed.

While writing a script to delete all OneDrive for Business/My Site site collections from an Office 365 tenant today, I ran up against a perplexing error using PowerShell with SharePoint Online that I thought I would document, since Googling didn’t help...
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ASP.NET 5 RC1 Tips and Workarounds

I have recently been working on a prototype web-based admin tool using ASP.NET 5 RC1, and I want to impart some tips along with some issues I ran into and their workarounds. I do realize that the official name has...
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What Makes a Mature BI Organization

Lots of clients ask me to assess their current situation and recommend steps to help them become a more mature business intelligence provider for their internal consumers. One of the first steps is to help identify what makes an organization mature....
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Microsoft Flow: Email SharePoint Online with Microsoft’s new service

One of the few remaining things you can do with your own SharePoint Server farm that you still can’t do with SharePoint Online is email directly to your lists and document libraries. Let’s say you want your traveling sales reps...
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