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ASP.NET 5 RC1 Tips and Workarounds

I have recently been working on a prototype web-based admin tool using ASP.NET 5 RC1, and I want to impart some tips along with some issues I ran into and their workarounds. I do realize that the official name has...
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Using Microsoft Fakes Part 2: Shims

This is part 2 of Using Microsoft Fakes. If you missed the first one, check it out. In the first part of this series I talked about using Stubs to unit test your code and they work great but sometimes...
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Using Microsoft Fakes Part 1: Stubs

Starting with the release of Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 the Fakes framework is now available to use in both the Premium and Ultimate versions! HURRAY! Why am I so excited? Because this will allow me to unit test my...
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Azure Table Storage: Taking Your Data to the Cloud

Azure provides a whole host of options to store your data. The most common one that everyone knows and loves is Azure SQL. But there are other options available such as table storage or blob storage. For now we are...
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Validating your data and your feelings with IE 10 and HTML 5

On a recent project I ran into an unexpected issue while testing with IE 10. The site that I was working on has out of the box ASP.Net validators and custom ASP.Net validators. When I navigated to the page that...
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Creating Entity Framework POCO Objects with EF 4.x POCO Entity Generator

If you’re using Entity Framework and want to quickly generate POCO objects, EF 4.x POCO Entity Generator is a great tool to use. By simply downloading and installing the EF POCO Template from here if you’re using C# or from...
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Show/Hide ASP.NET Panel/Control based on radio button selection

I recently needed to show/hide a section of html based on a radio button selection using client side code to avoid a Postback. I know this has been done may times, but I wanted a simple and reusable solution that...
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No ELMAH, forget about it!

If you haven’t heard of ELMAH you need to check out the following links pronto! ELMAH – Home Scott Hanselman on ELMAH I highly recommend using ELMAH whenever you can when developing custom applications. There are very few things that...
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ASP.NET Javascript and Stylesheet Management

I’m looking for feedback on different ways to manage javascript and stylesheet code within Visual Studio. Many times there is shared code as well as page-specific code where you need to override a certain style, or you have a javascript...
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Preventing Cross-Site Links in Sitecore

I have multiple sites setup in one Sitecore instance; and host names are used in the web.config “sites” section to manage this: <site name=”site1″ hostName=”” rootPath=”/sitecore/content/site1″ … > <site name=”site2″ hostName=”” rootPath=”/sitecore/content/site2″ … > I recently discovered some strange URLs...
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