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The Internet of Things – What you need to know NOW

The Internet of Things.  It sounds mysterious… but cool.  What is it exactly?  Something far off in the future?  Robots taking over the planet?  Will it impact the IT Industry and how?  How do I take advantage of this amazing...
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What Makes a Mature BI Organization

Lots of clients ask me to assess their current situation and recommend steps to help them become a more mature business intelligence provider for their internal consumers. One of the first steps is to help identify what makes an organization mature....
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TOUCHPOINT Coming to a city near you this May!

2016: IS YOUR BUSINESS READY? The enterprise landscape is full of multiple touchpoints between people, technology, and business processes. Three of these touchpoints provide a unique opportunity for exponential return: collaboration & content management, business intelligence, and application development. So, is...
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Getting Push Notifications in R

Have you ever wanted to receive notifications from simulations that are running and see the results when they are finished? All you need is R, httr library, and a (free) Pushbullet account. Once you sign up for a Pushbullet account, you are automatically...
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Predicting the Daily Closing Prices of S&P 500 ETF

After reading a recent blog post called Predicting the Daily High and low of an Exchange Traded Fund – SPY on the Business Forecasting blog written by Clive Jones, I was motivated to see how well I could forecast the...
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Blizzard Warning – Getting Weather Data Using the API

Recently, I worked with a client to build an hourly utility forecasting system, which leverages hourly forecast data from The forecast uses the hourly forecast temperatures and humidity levels for the next 48 hours. provides an extremely useful...
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Formatting Dates in R

For any programming language, handling date conversions can be extremely tricky if not a downright nightmare. While I will not say that R has an easy solution for all cases, the following example is meant to give an R novice...
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Estimating Stock Price Movements with Fibonacci Retracements

After reading a MarketWatch article recently, I decided to try to determine a way to calculate Fibonacci Retracements in R. If you are not familiar with Fibonacci Retracements, here is a link from StockCharts that explains what Fibonacci Retracements are,...
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An Alternative Way to Sort Using SQL

Recently, I faced a problem where I needed to be able to dynamically sort fields in a SSRS tablix using an input parameter. While there are ways to sort natively in SSRS, there were limitations primarily based around trying to...
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10 Things I Learned Working with the New BI Semantic Model (TABULAR)

Use DIVIDE in measure calculations instead of a/b if there is any chance the denominator can be null or zero.  DIVIDE will automatically clean up divide by zero and other issues that normally throw errors out in Excel. Names must...
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