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ASP.NET 5 RC1 Tips and Workarounds

I have recently been working on a prototype web-based admin tool using ASP.NET 5 RC1, and I want to impart some tips along with some issues I ran into and their workarounds. I do realize that the official name has...
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Creating JavaScript List Repositories for the SharePoint REST API

I’ve recently been working on a project where I’ve been leveraging the SharePoint 2010 REST API. It is a great experience especially after moving from SharePoint 2007 client side development. I’ve been able to develop web parts that are 100%...
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Sorting a SharePoint List in Report Builder

I recently needed to display a list of items in alphabetical order for a multi select parameter inside of a report.  I was using Report Builder 3.0 and there is no option for sorting the list in the user interface. ...
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Adding to a SharePoint 2010 List with Lookups

I had a situation recently where I was building a form in SharePoint 2010. I used a main list for the form and several other lists as lookup values for some of the fields. I used a .NET User Control...
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Insert JavaScript into a Content Editor Web Part (CEWP)

In the 2007 version of SharePoint, we had the Source Editor included in the Content Editor Web Part (CEWP) as our way of inputting JavaScript directly onto a page. The process on how to do this has changed a little...
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Developing a Webpart with a Dynamic UI

One of the problems I run into when writing web parts that display SharePoint data is when the UI is dependent on dynamic content. In the past I have generated the HTML on the server-side. This works but it not the...
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Upgrade your version of WSPBuilder for a more traditional development experience

In many ways a seasoned ASP.Net developer can have a difficult time learning SharePoint 2007 development because they have become accustomed to the practices ascribed to by the Microsoft ASP.Net team. One of these practices is so benign and intuitive,...
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Creating a Fixed Width SharePoint 2010 Masterpage (Updated)

Many are curious to find out how to style a SharePoint 2010 Masterpage the correct way when going for a fixed width site design. After all, Microsoft hasn’t given us an out of the box example like they did with...
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Using a base web part class when developing SharePoint web parts

When developing solutions for SharePoint 2007, I use WSPBuilder almost exclusively. Carsten Keutmann has created an excellent tool that automates and eases much of the work that is involved in creating a solution for SharePoint. In fact, in some ways,...
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A better InputFormSection for SharePoint

One of my biggest annoyances with developing solutions SharePoint 2007 is the fact that many of the web controls available in the SharePoint framework do not support the same development paradigm that traditional ASP.Net controls support. Specifically, many controls in...
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