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Get-SPOSite : The site is not properly formed.

While writing a script to delete all OneDrive for Business/My Site site collections from an Office 365 tenant today, I ran up against a perplexing error using PowerShell with SharePoint Online that I thought I would document, since Googling didn’t help...
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A Snippet to Create New Snippets in PowerShell ISE v3

I came across this article on how to create a new snippet in PowerShell ISE v3. I wanted to take it a step further and have a snippet for creating new snippets so not to have to remember this each...
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Add Heading and Links to Global Navigation using PowerShell

Sometimes doing a task 100 times through the UI just doesn’t seem right – this is one of those times. I had a need to add a heading and several links to every site in a Site Collection. I wanted...
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Overview of PowerGUI and the PowerGUI Extension for Visual Studio

Around a year ago (and then again recently), I got into a project requiring pretty heavy amounts of PowerShell scripting and (as the old-school guy I am) I immediately fired up TextPad and looked for a PowerShell syntax file.  No...
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Enable Office Web Apps across Site Collections using PowerShell

So you have installed and configured the amazing Office Web Apps for SharePoint 2010. You are now at the step of activating it for your users. Perform this quick tip to use PowerShell to activate the feature across all of...
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Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell Review

Recently Microsoft released the Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell. Being that I dabble in PowerShell for SharePoint, this certainly got my interest. After what was a very quick installation, I launched the Script Explorer and was presented with a...
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Add Top Link Bar Inheritance using PowerShell for SharePoint 2010

I would like to kick off the New Year with perhaps my shortest blog entry for 2012! I had a client that created several subsites without selecting to use the same navigation as its parent. The decision was later made...
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SharePoint Information Architecture Diagram Using PowerShell and Visio

Having a well-planned Information Architecture is critical for the success of a SharePoint implementation. Sometimes, as we all know, our environments get away from us and site owners start running frantic – sites are created without our knowledge or placed...
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Connect with TCSC on Facebook

TCSC is now on Facebook to stay connected with our local and international communities.  Join our conversation by cliking “like” and get the latest news about upcoming seminars, free events, and more solutions from the TCSC team!  You can also...
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