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What Makes a Mature BI Organization

Lots of clients ask me to assess their current situation and recommend steps to help them become a more mature business intelligence provider for their internal consumers. One of the first steps is to help identify what makes an organization mature....
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10 Things I Learned Working with the New BI Semantic Model (TABULAR)

Use DIVIDE in measure calculations instead of a/b if there is any chance the denominator can be null or zero.  DIVIDE will automatically clean up divide by zero and other issues that normally throw errors out in Excel. Names must...
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SharePoint 2010 SSRS 2008 & R2 ReportViewer Web Part Issues

From time to time, you may encounter problems with the SQL 2008/2008 R2 ReportViewer web part when you try to use it within a page in SharePoint 2010. You may get errors, blank pages or just an overall lack of...
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Creating a Database Backup and Restoring it in Code

When running regression tests many times you have to rely on very specific bits of data to be present in your database for the correct results to come out reliably.  This can typically be handled by a few simple inserts...
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SSIS: Use Dates in Dynamic SQL Statements

I have seen lots of posts on how to build a date string for expressions that set the SQL Statement that will be executed in Data Pumps for example. You might need to do that if you are working with...
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Automate your test data with Red Gate SQL Data Generator

Just about every developer out there has encountered a scenario where they need to load test the application they are creating, but simply cannot come up with enough load to make it happen. I’m not going to go down the...
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Transactional Replication Filters

I recently needed to replicate a small portion of a database to a separate server hosting SharePoint. Only a small amount of our total user base would be able to access this site, so we decided to use Transactional replication...
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Cleaning up the Error Logs – SQL Error 18456

So, yesterday I was trying to resolve one issue that led to another, pretty much a daily occurrence right? This SQL issue was littering the application logs every minute with Event ID 18456, as you can see in the screenshot....
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