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ASP.NET 5 RC1 Tips and Workarounds

I have recently been working on a prototype web-based admin tool using ASP.NET 5 RC1, and I want to impart some tips along with some issues I ran into and their workarounds. I do realize that the official name has...
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Dynamic Self-Hosting of a WCF Application in a WPF PRISM Module

  Typically when developing an enterprise-class desktop application, a WCF service would be set up to separate the presentation tier from any tiers below it (i.e. Business Logic, Data Access). Self-hosting of a WCF service has always been an option,...
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On WCF Performance

Most introductory WCF materials show you how to mark complex data types as serializable. But there are few materials that show how to optimize communication of complex WCF data structures. In this post, I’ll review a couple of issues related...
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Using OData and LinqPad 4 to Create Your URIs for You

So last month I attended the Richmond .NET User Group meeting where the topic was OData, something that I have of course read about but had never utilized. Besides, attending this meeting would give me a reason to play around...
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Connect with TCSC on Facebook

TCSC is now on Facebook to stay connected with our local and international communities.  Join our conversation by cliking “like” and get the latest news about upcoming seminars, free events, and more solutions from the TCSC team!  You can also...
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