On February 22nd – 24th, I had the pleasure of attending Nintex’s inaugural InspireX conference for customers and partners. It was 2 ½ days jam-packed with helpful tips, inspiring demos, and exciting news! In this post, I will share the biggest announcements that came out of the conference as well as information about features and functionality that are new and coming soon.


Major Announcements from InspireX

On the second day of InspireX, Nintex CEO John Burton made several big announcements during his keynote speech. Nintex is making powerful strides in the areas of data analytics, collaboration, and cloud technology. They are introducing 3 major products/platforms this year: Nintex Insighttm, Nintex Xchange, and Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Nintex Insighttm

Ever wish there was an easy way to monitor workflow usage, performance, and value? Wish granted! Nintex InsightTM is a new cloud based, data analytics solution that will allow you to analyze your workflow data across environments in one place! You’ll be able to collect workflow data from on-premises and online environments and use pre-built analytics lenses and dashboards to visualize your data. Microsoft’s Power BI will be leveraged for the prebuilt dashboards and you will also have the ability to build dashboards in other data visualization tools through OData links.

With this tool, Nintex is hoping to revolutionize workflow data analysis just as they revolutionized business process automation. They also hope to make it easier for companies to make critical business decisions based on workflow data.

Nintex Insighttm is currently still in Beta with the expected release in Q2 of this year.

Nintex Xchange

Nintex is big on community and collaboration. This can be seen currently through their Nintex Connect community forums and their UserVoice community feedback platform. It’s not a surprise that they are looking to continue and enhance this focus in 2016. It is from this focus that Nintex Xchange is born.

Nintex Xchange will be a gallery for the community to share tools and solutions such as:

  • User Defined Actions
  • Workflow Templates
  • Form Templates
  • Custom actions and code

Solutions will be easily searchable by category and industry. Future plans include capabilities to offer certified solutions and monetized solutions. On day one, Nintex expects there to be more than 100 assets available… mostly from well-known Nintex Gurus like Vadim Tabakman.

Nintex hopes that this will be another way for customers to learn and grow faster, together. As of the conference, the projected launch was in March so I expect we will see an announcement very soon!

Nintex Workflow Cloud

As we all know, the cloud is the future (and the present, really). Nintex is moving to fully embrace the cloud by introducing the Nintex Workflow Cloud. This is apparently a concept that Nintex has been working on for the past 2 years. The first publicly visible glimpses into their cloud ventures was Nintex’s purchase of Drawloop last year and the release of their External Start feature in January.

The Nintex Workflow Cloud will offer workflow-as-a-service. No longer will your workflow need to be tied to SharePoint or O365. This will be a fully platform-independent infrastructure on which to build your process automation workflows. This independence will allow you to automate processes across your business applications.

There’s not a whole lot of information available on this one yet, but expect to hear more soon because the projected launch is in the second half of this year.

New and Coming Soon

As if those HUGE announcements weren’t enough, Nintex sprinkled smaller announcements and introductions throughout the many sessions that were available to attend during InspireX. Without going into too much detail about any of these tid-bits, here is an overview of new and exciting things to come in Nintex Workflow and Forms for 2013 and 2016.

Investment Areas

  • Ease of Installation
    • Consolidated access point in Central Administration
    • PowerShell support for installation
    • Consolidated installation files
  • Modern Enterprise
    • Expanded browser support, matching SharePoint’s browser matrix
  • Hybrid
    • Improved designer toolbox with a streamlined look and a tab for integration including Nintex Live actions
    • Nintex Insighttm integration
    • External Start
      • Ability to publish an on-premises workflow to a cloud endpoint
  • First party support
    • Online help will be available on-premises
      • Will support offline scenarios


  • Hybrid Support
  • Sent Items
  • Forms Based Authentication
  • Extended Branding and Customizations
  • Bluetooth Devices
  • O365 Task Support
  • Enhanced Device Notifications
  • Document Sets
  • Multi-page forms
  • Save forms as draft
  • Set default field values without custom JavaScript
  • O365:
    • Managed Metadata control
    • Print to PDF
    • Multi-page forms


  • Document Generation for on-premises
  • Workflow metadata
  • Modern web standards
  • Hybrid support
  • Designer improvements
  • O365:
    • View workflow history
    • Workflow constants
    • New Actions
    • External Start


  • Anonymous Forms and Users
  • Nintex Mobile Enterprise User & Role Management

As always, you should keep an eye-out for official announcements from Nintex regarding the details and timing of release for these features. Here are a couple of great places to bookmark:

The Future is Bright

Overall InspireX was an excellent conference! The Nintex team and the Aria staff did a wonderful job of planning and executing every detail. I look forward to attending next year’s conference and I’m very excited about the future of Nintex. I hope, after reading this recap, you are too!

Nintex offers an impressive line of tools and services. We would love the opportunity to discuss their products and how we have used them to help our customers save time and money by automating their business processes. If you are interested, please contact us to schedule a demo and a free trial!