Cloud & Collaboration

David Russell: 3 Strands Leadership
Too often leaders struggle to hire, manage, develop, and retain top performers. Learn Dave’s systematic breakthroughs enabling leaders to be their best.

Company Culture Cornerstones
Without a clearly defined culture, you have many cultures in one organization. Learn how to build a cultural foundation that engages the best employees and clients.

Christopher Jones: Creating Results; Getting Things Done Through Others Without Confrontation
Strategically delegating work is critical for leaders to create time to work on more important and higher impact activities. Leaders have a list of reasons they don’t or won’t delegate. Christopher outlines why delegation fails and reasons why delegation is one of the best levers for high performance. Leaders will learn the three questions leaders must ask before delegating and the four phases of delegation. Learn a simple four-step process that virtually eliminates conflict and confrontation when holding people accountable.

Carla Ruiz: Self Awareness – What Do I Value?
Personal core values drive behavior. When one identifies and determines what their values are, it increases the likelihood of making decisions that align with their goals and desired impact.

JJ White: Be an Impact Maker: #LiveThePrinciples
JJ White, Chief Engagement Officer for Dale Carnegie VA, will discuss how to be an Impact Maker to: Identify and share how others have impacted us and how we can impact others. Practice our own story telling abilities. Explore and commit to applying principles to strengthen relationships.

Toby Stansell: The R.O.I. on Authentic Leadership
The biggest gap in the world today is… the “Leadership Gap”. As our society is rapidly “going digital” in terms of communication, entertainment, and commercial and industrial intelligence and productivity, the uniqueness, roles, and impact of human capital, i.e. “people” seems to be on the wane. The fact is… people matter more than ever, and in an age of digital dependence, can become a primary differentiator for your business in a way that generates a significant competitive advantage. The organization and its leadership that can mobilize, motivate, and marshal its personnel to create and sustain a positive, unified culture can achieve and sustain levels of productivity and performance that the best tools alone will never deliver.

Business Value

Toby Stansell: Why Everyone Hates Their  Software
One of the pervasive commercial realities today is that many… maybe most… companies are dissatisfied with the performance of their information systems, and in particular, their primary “run-the-business” software… usually a brand-name ERP or financial system that is broadly distributed and widely used. Almost universally, business and I.T. executives tell us that their ERP/Financial information systems have not met their expectations and that the productivity of their personnel and processes have not materially improved as a result of deploying “new and improved” information technology. So what is the problem… and how do we address it? Learn about some analytical approaches that can help an organization align its information systems with its business objectives, strategies, and processes so that greater ROI can be secured from the information systems already in place.

Dan Hulen: Driving Value from the Cloud
As the modern workplace continues to evolve, where does the Cloud fit into your strategy? We will discuss how leveraging existing IT investments and Microsoft Azure can transform your business. We’ll explore how the Cloud is likely to impact businesses, overcoming roadblocks to adoption and potential cost savings.

Kara Glasgow: Adoption and Change Management for Office 365
The capabilities with Office 365 are endless for the modern business user. With this opportunity comes the challenge of adoption. Learn best practices to drive adoption and productivity in Office 365 with a foundation in Change Management, the engine that starts adoption.

Scott Combs: Driving Sales from Contact to Cash 
What are the real obstacles to sales, and how can sales data be harvested for useful information? Among the vast capabilities in software platforms available today, where does one start to wrangle better performance in sales? Join us for a high-level view of the Dynamics platform and a trench view of how to manage the pipeline from initial touch to invoice.

Scott McKay: Enterprise Rick Management – Best Practices
Companies often struggle with the concepts of risk and especially enterprise risk management or ERM. Embedded at the heart of ERM is the risk assessment process. This overview is designed to demystify risk identification at the enterprise level, as opposed to risk identified at the process-level, and will aid the risk professional in developing a tailored approach to the organization’s risk management requirements. The approach is flexible and describes how to develop a “top down” risk-based self-assessment to create your organization’s entity-level risk taxonomy and corresponding risk assessments.

Jim Holman: CRM Entrapment – How extending your CRM solution into the ERP space can increase cost and limit the ability to leverage new technologies for your business.
As small businesses grow to become mid-sized businesses, their core business systems often lack functionality needed by the organization. The first stop to address this is often accomplished by extending their currently deployed CRM solution. We’ll explore why this “path of least resistance” may not be a good idea and what an organization should consider before pushing the boundaries of “out of the box” CRM functionality.

David Romig, II: THInc.IT Making a Difference
TCSC is now THInc.IT! President, David Romig, II, will introduce THInc.IT and our new capabilities to serve our clients growing business needs. 

David Haver: Azure Fundamentals
The Microsoft Azure platform has grown at such a rapid pace that it has become a very compelling platform due to all of the services and features. Many organizations are moving very quickly into Azure, but many are not doing it the right way and end up with a jumbled mess of Prod, Dev, Test mixed together. This session will highlight the key areas that we believe every organization can leverage to do it the right way from the start or to fix what you may already have.

Kevin Carter: Data Insights with Power BI and SSRS
Your data has answers to questions you haven’t even thought to ask yet. In this session, Kevin Carter, will discuss how you can use the latest generation of the Power BI suite of business intelligence tools and SSRS to get to know your data. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, we will show you how to use data visualizations to improve upon current business intelligence and generate new actionable insights.

Jen Miller: Intelligent Process Automation – Why, Where and How
Get ready to welcome in the new era of Intelligent Process Automation with a no-code workflow and content automation platform that takes advantage of new capabilities to automate, orchestrate, and optimize the business processes that drive today’s modern companies. Come learn why it’s important right now, where to get started and how it will advance and prepare your organization.

Andrea O’Hara: Business Process Modernization Lifecycle
Every business depends upon its processes to pay its bills, manage human resources, capture revenue, manage projects, and much, much more. Too many of these critical processes rely on manual steps, emails, and printed forms. Learn how you can start with Business Process Automation (BPA) to modernization in a full lifecycle journey from forms and workflow to connectors and mobility, and on to measuring the process data to empower you with insights. We will discuss tools and best practices for success.

Checkpoint: Hybrid Cloud Security
Cloud has enabled applications and infrastructure to move at a pace not seen before. Organizations are faced with options to invest in and enhance their physical data centers to deploy SDN and build private clouds or utilize Public Cloud options for Infrastructure and or Platform as a service. There is a shared responsibility for security in either scenario. Learn strategies, design templates and best practices on how to secure applications through automation & orchestrations, making security an integral part of the cloud and SDN deployments.

Digital Transformation

Devin Jaiswal: Digital Transformation with Data, AI and Cloud
Organizations need to digitally transform to keep a competitive advantage in a changing market. Digital transformation will help you empower employees, engage customers, optimize operations, and transform products. Learn how Data, AI and cloud have converged to create a unique opportunity for businesses and how Microsoft solutions can make it easier.

Stephen Melchert: The IoT Journey – Where are my keys?
In our digital-first world, there is a large opportunity with Internet of Things (IoT). However, the IoT journey is not only about devices but also achieving a data-driven mindset as an organization. With a data-driven strategy, your organization is in a better position to align business processes with the pace of technology and remain relevant. In this session, you will see a live demo of an IoT solution for a business who did just that and learn how to get started on the IoT Journey.

Kyle Wilson: Serverless Technologies for Optimizing Time to Market, Scale and Costs
Serverless computing provides some interesting advantages to existing application platform architectures (VMs, Containers, etc).  In this session we will discuss the pros and cons of serverless computing and highlight the unique features of Azure as a serverless platform. We will discuss the tooling (CI & CD) and approach to building these solutions and provide some examples.

Russ Henderson: Data Anywhere with Azure, a Case Study
With increased demand for tablet and mobile platform extensions to existing enterprise solutions, the importance of being able to gather data regardless of network connectivity grows. In this presentation we will break down ways to meet this growing need and show you how we solved this for a client using Azure technologies.

Russ Henderson: Modernizing Traditional Apps Using Containers
Containers deliver speed, flexibility and savings. Ready to transform expensive and difficult to maintain existing applications into efficient, secure, and portable modern apps ready for the hybrid cloud? Learn how you can free resources and work more efficiently by modernizing legacy apps with containers.

Dave Romig, Sr.:  
DevOps has become a movement that is rapidly spreading in the technical community, but what is it? We will discuss the cultural philosophies, practices, and tools in DevOps that can increase organizations abilities to deliver applications and services at high velocity, exceeding the pace of traditional software development. Learn how a high performing DevOps organization works and how you can transform your team’s capabilities.

Kevin Carter: Emerging Technologies – AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain
You have heard all the buzz words, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain. In this session, we will cut through the hype and discuss the value of these emerging technologies today and how to get ahead for the opportunities in the future.