Azure Services

Azure Services

It is not a one size fits all world. Your IT solutions should not be either. All organizations are unique and each face different challenges and opportunities. Our Cloud strategies reflect that reality. We can help you develop a Cloud strategy and deliver solutions that fit your specific needs and objectives.

Interested in exploring how your organization can increase productivity and savings with Azure, but not quite sure where to start?


TCSC and Microsoft are partnering to provide qualified customers a FREE multi-day Azure workshop. During this workshop, we will work with you and your team to get hands-on experience with Azure and develop a cloud assessment and consumption plan for one or more workloads that could take advantage of the cloud.


Choose up to four of the following Azure services to create a workshop that best suits your goals and objectives. Or deep dive into one of these four common scenarios: IaaS Foundation, SharePoint on IaaS, SQL Server on IaaS, Azure Dev/Test.

Setup Services

Azure Subscription
If you are not using Azure yet, we will walk you through the process of signing up for your FREE $1,000 Azure Pass subscription and explain how to manage Azure accounts, subscriptions, and billing.

Basic Networking
Get assistance with building a basic network with a site to site VPN connection with your internal network. We will provision two virtual machines that you can later promote to be domain controllers, and you’ll be ready to build out virtually any other workload from there.

Azure AD Connect
Planning on syncing your user accounts to Azure Active Directory for use in Office 365 or other workloads that you are moving to Azure? We can help you get the service setup in Azure.

Install & Configure ADFS Services
Want Single Sign-On (SSO) with Office 365 and other SaaS applications through Azure? We will help get ADFS started in Azure in a highly available setup so you can always access business critical applications.

Server Backup Services

Azure Backup Services
Still burning backups to tape or paying for off-site storage? This service will help you backup your servers directly to Azure storage, configure retention policies, and do file-level restores.

SQL Backup to Azure
Using the same methods used to backup to DISK and TAPE, you can now backup to Microsoft Azure storage by specifying URL as the backup destination. You can use this feature to manually backup, or configure your own backup strategy like you would for a local storage or other off-site options. You must be running SQL Server 2012 SP1 CU2 or later for this feature to work. Backup SQL to Azure and enjoy off-site backups that are stored on state-of-the-art stores enjoying high availability standards.

SharePoint DR on Azure
Everyone who runs SharePoint Server knows they need disaster recovery, but often skip DR due to its complexity and expense. Azure provides some good options for cost effective and reliable redundancy and failover.

SQL Options

SQL Azure Database
How about a database that doesn’t consume local resources and allows you to scale performance on the fly while providing best practice methods for data masking and encryption? SQL Azure Database gives you all these features. Take a look at whether this might be a great option for extending your datacenter capacity and even its life span.

SQL Stretch Database
SQL Stretch Database lets you dynamically stretch warm and cold transactional data from SQL Server 2016 to Azure. Many organizations have tremendous data history that they don’t need all the time, but would like to be able to access seamlessly when needed. The stretch service lets you push that data not off-line but near on-line, getting it out of the on-premises store and the performance hits that can be associated with large database tables and into a mirrored platform that will support exactly the same structure and queries but from a cloud service.

Development Options

Azure Website Quick Start
Let us show you how simple it is to plan, create, and configure a website using one of Azure’s prebuilt CMS templates. Whether you are looking at WordPress, Drupal, or Orchard CMS, getting up and running is easier than ever.

We will show you how development teams can gain self-service capacities for setting up and tearing down personal development and test environments without the traditional resource stress.

Azure App Service
Wouldn’t it be great to address your businesses intranet and mobile needs with a single hosted code base? With Azure App Service this dream can be a reality. We’ll walk you through some live examples of Azure hosted Web, Mobile, and API services.

TFS & GitHub
Let us help your development team become better organized and agile while your management team stays informed on project statuses through the use of Visual Team Services hosted on the Azure platform.


SharePoint Server on Azure VMs
If managing your own virtualization environment for a SharePoint Server farm is too expensive or challenging, Azure VMs can get you up and running in hours. We will help you get started and discuss the major pros and cons compared with running SharePoint Server on-premises.

Seasonal Scaling
Managing seasonal scaling can be a challenge for on-premise administrators for applications with highly variable seasonal loads. Deploying your SharePoint farm, website, or application on Azure gives you many options to make scaling easy.


Nintex for Office 365 and Azure
Nintex for Office 365 provides a number of workflow actions that allow you to create, start, stop, and otherwise manage virtual machines and affinity groups in Azure.

Power BI
We will provide hands on training to help you get started combining new and existing data sources to make better decisions about your business. Learn how to use Power BI and Data Visualizations to improve upon current business intelligence and generate new actionable insights.

Think Azure is too expensive?
We will sit down with you and compare your costs in detail with the cost to run the same environment in Azure.

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